米国撫子 Beikoku Nadeshiko [beekokɯ nadeɕiko] is a play on the expression 大和撫子 Yamato Nadeshiko, the archetypal "girl of Japan," where Nadeshiko can mean "maiden," and Yamato is old nomenclature for "the Japanese Nation." I first read the expression in the 古今和歌集 Kokinwakashu book of poems (10th century):

no.244 by 素性法師 我のみやあはれとおもはむきりぎりすなくゆふかげのやまとなでしこ
I think not that I am the only one whose heartstrings are pulled, a young girl, crickets chirping in the night.

no.695 by Anon. あなこひし今も見てしが山がつのかきほにさける山となでしこ
Ah, how I long, how I would go see her this instant, the girl of the mountain, like flowers blooming on the trellace.

Nadeshiko also appears in the much older poem anthology the Man'yoshu:
no.1448 by Anon. 我がやどに蒔きしなでしこいつしかも花に咲きなむなそへつつ見む
The girl planting flowers at my inn, seeing the flowers bloom all too soon, as is she.

Nadeshiko is also a type of rather delicate looking flower, what we call the Dianthus or the "Pink." This dual imagery is often played with in poems. There is also a traditional Japanese color of the same name, hexidecimal #EEBBCB.
Beikoku means America.

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A product of my love for Sailor Moon and Pokemon in elementary school, I have been studying the Japanese language for 12+ years--6 years at secondary school in the US, 4 years at college in Tokyo, and ever since then through my everyday work at the office. I attended Waseda University's SILS Program, and graduated on September 20, 2010. In the greater University I took 32 credits in the Japanese language program, and three Open courses--I tried my best to study in Japanese regardless of the English-speaking characteristic of my department (SILS classes are for the most part taught in English).

A September entry student, I participated in Job Hunting in the winter of my fourth year, a year later than the average Japanese student does. I was picked up by Omron Corporation, a sensing and control technology manufacturer right by Kyoto station. I am apart of their global HR strategy department.

I am happily living on the outskirts of Kyoto with my Kyoto-born Kyoto-raised fiance. We have been together since 2008. I met him while working at Comic Market 73. We started dating later on that year. He loves cars and the outdoors, and drinks 4 pints of milk a day. He does not speak any English, and a great portion of my successes in the Japanese language can be accredited to our language barrier.

I decided to put up this website as a means of doing something with my graduation thesis: a mammoth of a paper that I finished feeling like I had just begun writing it. I wrote about the media phenomenon Densha Otoko, specifically some of the history behind the book. I hope anyone interested in Densha Otoko or Japanese Otaku Culture will give it a looksee.

In addition, this site will also store the better of my Japanese blog entries, as I decided to end my Japanese language blog that I kept during college. I haven't decided if, when, or at what pace I will translate my Japanese pages into English or visa-versa.

I have decided to update this site again in anticipation of my boyfriend and me going on TV. It's mostly about him, but they do say my full name so I figured maybe someone would look me up, in which case most of this stuff is a couple of years old already.

This site is currently under construction. Please check out my running site if you need something to pass the time.

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