A Collection of Useful Shukatsu Links that Helped Me Through:

Shushoku Katsudo Mainstays

Nikkei Shushoku Navi

For Test Studying

SPI No-to no Kai - Hands down the best publishers of test study material.
Information on WebRAB

For Letter Writing

SUPER KakikataEBunrei-shu - My Bible! Detailed information on writing any kind of letter (not just for shukatsu). I have but provided a link to their post-mensetsu thank you letter page; If you browse around, you should find an explanation for whatever you need to be writing (even writing emails!).
Naitei no Oreijo - examples of how to write Thank You Letters to companies you have recieved job offers from, and to people who have helped you through Shushoku Katsudo.

For Suiting Up

RecruitSuit - How to buy and wear your suit. Good information for both the men and the ladies.
AOKI Style - Picture-intensive information on suit selection and trends brought to you by AOKI's suit store.


Wakariyasui Mensetsu - Gives you a good idea of the kinds of questions are to be asked of you in an interview. A special section of questions often asked of the female gender.
WILLER EXPRESS - This Midnight Highway Bus company offers student discounts on tickets. When you are searching for work in a city different than your own, cheap transportation is imperative. I used WILLER for 95% of all my Shinjuku-Karasuma needs. I suggest their Relax Liners.

Last Updated February 3, 2011